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Gunung Ledang (Puncak)

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Mount Ledang (Malay: Gunung Ledang; historically also: Mount Ophir) is a mountain located in Tangkak District, Johor, Malaysia. The summit is located next to the tripoint of Tangkak, Jasin and Tampin Districts, respectively located in the states of Johor, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan. Standing at 1,276 m (4,186 ft), it is the 64th highest mountain in Malaysia and the highest peak in Johor.

Latitude: 2.3732 Sponsored on: 2024-01-13
Longitude: 102.6079 Expires on: 2025-01-13
City: Johor Summit number: 26
Province: Outside Indonesia Sponsored by: YC5YC
Country: Malaysia Add new comment
Summit Code: 9M2/J-S026

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Climber Province/ State Country Date and Time Activation
9M4CJS Outside Indonesia Malaysia 2024-01-27 - 1.15 Detail
YD2VKB Outside Indonesia Malaysia 2024-01-26 - 14.15 Detail
9M4CJS Outside Indonesia Malaysia 2024-01-26 - 9.15 Detail
9M4CJS Outside Indonesia Malaysia 2024-07-05 - 10.15 Detail
9M4CJS Outside Indonesia Malaysia 2024-07-06 - 6.15 Detail
9M4CJS Outside Indonesia Malaysia 2024-07-08 - 6.15 Detail
9W2FNZ Outside Indonesia Malaysia 2024-07-06 - 11.00 Detail
9M4CJS Outside Indonesia Malaysia 2024-07-07 - 1.15 Detail
YG4SNG Outside Indonesia Malaysia 2024-07-15 - 14.15 Detail


Isota Gunung Ledang
YD2ARE - 2024-01-26 - 14:50:57

Semoga sukses berisota di Gunung Ledang.73.

Everyone Invited!!!
9M4CJS - 2024-06-26 - 20:53:02

Dear fellow Amateur Radio, We would like to invite you to our Joint iSOTA Gn. Ledang II Activation held on July 5th - 7th, 2024. This Activation will be host by DXPortable Amatir Radio & Jalur Selatan Radio Amatur Johor - Jasra Malaysia.

Simply fill in the registration form by clicking link http://bit.ly/3xzI0GA or scan the registration barcode. We will be in touch soon as you registered.

Buzz us for more details on whatsapp

Note :

Meet up at KLIA2 Kuala Lumpur on July 4th, 2024 10.00 UTC. Please be at the meet point an hour earlier

YD4FYI - 2024-07-05 - 15:41:58


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