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Gunung Puntang (Situs Radio Malabar) by YC5YC/1

Author: YC5YC
Callsign Used: YC5YC/1
Summit: Gunung Puntang
Checkpoint: Situs Radio Malabar
Altitude: 1400
Date: 2023-06-24 - 1.15
QSO Count: 19
QRP: ✗
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YB7AHV Indonesia
YF9FCO Indonesia
YD0ASW Indonesia
YB4HPI Indonesia
YD1DID Indonesia


Confirmation of the QSO of ISOTA Mount Pontang
YB2MBY - 2023-06-24 - 08:55:17

Congratulations and success, Good luck, 73

YD4FYI - 2023-06-25 - 10:51:41

Alhamdulillah, selamat dan sukses iSOTA Gunung Puntang - Situs Radio Malabar, dari YD4FYI, 73

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